West Hartford Rotary Club

April 29, 2019 Luncheon Meeting Minutes

1. Our last meeting, designated as “Club Assembly”, to make a time for us to label all dictionaries for the third graders. Several Rotarians were assigned a school for distribution of dictionaries. These Rotarians are responsible for coordinating with their assigned school as to when the kids will be available for distribution. Please report to Christine Looby as to when you are planning this distribution to avoid conflicts. The distribution will have the services of “Noah Webster” to inform the students of the history of the dictionary. All Rotarians are encouraged to attend at any scheduled dictionary event.

2. We had a visitor from the Plainville Rotary club, Craig Carroll. He informed us that a student exchange organization from Europe is sending high school students to the US to get experience in our education facilities, participate in job training and science and engineering. He is looking for Rotarians who would be willing to participate in this program to host these students.

3. Tom Wood was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow Award for his exemplary service in the name of Rotary. He has helped the club manage its finances including expenses, stock purchases and investments.

4. Proposed locations for the spring Jazz Brunch were put to a vote. A majority voted to have the event at the Delamar Hotel in Blueback Square. Tony Rodriguez will investigate this possibility.

Respectfully submitted,

Oscar M. Santo Domingo

Foundation Chair Eileen Rau, new Paul Harris Fellow Tom Wood, and Club President Oscar Santo Domingo.