West Hartford Rotary Club

Notes for Luncheon Meeting June 10

1. Our Sales at the Celebrate West Hartford event were successful. the weather was great, and the volunteers, especially the grillers were so organized. They successfully kept track of the orders during a busy two-hour stint. Our volunteers manning the booth came from different Rotary Clubs and three children also helped on the drink orders. Both days had equal amounts of food and beverages sold. The following volunteers deserve a shout out for their example shown of the Rotary spirit. They are Mary Etter, Bob Buettner, Dave McCallister, Chris Grant, Cindy and Mrs. Howard. To Bennett and all the volunteers, “Job well done.”

2. The Dictionary Project is ongoing. As of today (June 7), there are only two more schools on the list. The kids have been wonderful, and it is interesting to see how they react to Noah Webster. The surprise in their faces as they think Mr. Webster is still alive because they know he wrote the dictionary long ago, like in the 18th century. Thanks to all who volunteered and helped in the task of distributing the dictionaries to the third graders in our Town.

3. The Rotary Scholarship was awarded at both Hall and Conard High Schools on May 22 and 29. Thanks to Harry Davidson and Matt Cuddy for their services.


Respectfully submitted,

Oscar M. Santo Domingo