Apr 24, 2023
Susan Omillian, attorney & author
CT Alliance for Victims of Violence and Their Families Inc.

Susan with photos of her niece Maggie

A phone call in the middle of the night on October 18, 1999 brought Susan Omilian the news that Maggie, her nineteen-year-old niece, had been shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend. No one had seen the danger Maggie was in, not even Susan, an attorney and advocate for women’s rights.

Shocked and outraged by what happened to Maggie, Susan turned this senseless act of violence into an opportunity to create and conduct her My Avenging Angel Workshops that help women survivors of abuse move on as Maggie could not.

Today’s Susan’s innovative workshops and follow-up services, supported by the non-profit Connecticut Alliance for Victims of Violence & Their Families Inc. (CT-ALIVE), have built a community of women who are “thriving” after abuse!